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A Merry Christmas 2020!

Hey, everyone! Just wanted to quickly wish all of you a merry christmas! I know, these are challenging times and we’re all having a lot of troubles this year more than ever. However, I hope everyone can enjoy the holidays as best as possible, find some peace and refuel their […]

Ride On! Dennis The Cyclist on Zwift !

Yes, you heard right! After thinking about it almost the whole year, followed by searching for an indoor trainer for weeks and weeks, I finally managed to get one of these items. And let me tell you this, indoor trainers are rare these days, like really really rare. Luckily for […]

Dennis The Cyclist on YouTube

Maybe you heard it (and watched it already!), maybe it’s breaking news for you: I started my own YouTube channel. YouTube is a great platform to share my “everday” bicycle life with everyone around the world and thus, reach even more people than I do already through my blog. I’ve […]

The Fastest Way Between Two Destinations? A Bicycle

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Hey Y’all ! Dennis The Cyclist here! I’m a photographer and video-creator from Dortmund, with a lot of bicycle / cycling related content on my website. In case you’d like to take a look at it, it’s right here:

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