Today’s Ride #1: Back on the BMX

Conditions:   Sweating warm, cloudy, high humidity, 25° C / 77° F

Distance:  9,49 km  /  5,89 mi

Time:  1h 40m

Average Speed:  5,68 kmh  /  3,53 mph

Uphill:  90m

Overall Distance:  383,2 km  /  238,11 mi

Overall Time:  1d 12h 28m

NOTES:  This morning I brought the Norco Fluid 7.1 to my local Bike Shop for the first big maintenance. But the weather turned out to be quite awesome, so I got back on the BMX bike and took it out for a ride on a little Pumptrack that was build in one of the city parks of my hometown. Just in case you wonder why the numbers are so low today…I’m not doing Mountainbike distances on a BMX bike. Today I rode almost 10 km / 6 mi , I think that is enough for the first time back on the BMX.

BTW, how do you like my Website? I think it is pretty awesome…Wordpress comes with so much more opportunities than blogger does ( but Blogger is also quite cool…)

Plan for tomorrow is to go to work. On Sunday I may be back on a bike….

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