Today’s Ride #2 : A little bike check up

Conditions: cloudy, sometimes sunny, high humidity, 26°C / 78,8°F

Distance: 5,87 km  /  3,65 mi

Time: 0h 40m

Average Speed: 8,76 kmh  /  5,45 mph

Uphill: 52m

Overall Distance : 389,07 km  /  241,76 mi

Overall Time: 1d 13h 08m

NOTES: today I took a little time out. The Mtb is still in the shop for maintenance, the bmx bike made some weird noises and I lost one half of the brake on the pumptrack, the roadbike has got a flat since last november…it was time for a little bike check up. I decided to take a look at the Bmx Bike first, repaired the brakes, fixed the chain (which got a little loose)…and it was ready for a quick little check up ride…

Plan for the next days is to go to work, pick up my Mtb from the shop and friday is then called rideday…

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