Today’s Ride#3: Got my Bike back…

Conditions: raining all day, thick clouds, 16°C / 61°F

Distance: 13,79 km  /  8,57  mi

Time: 1h 14m

Average Speed: 11,21 kmh  /  6,97 mph

Uphill: 138m

Overall Distance: 402,86 km  / 250,33 mi

Overall Time: 1d 13h 22m

NOTES: Today I picked up my mountainbike from the shop and rode back home. It rained all day long and so it did during the whole tour back home. But what can you do,right?  I got back home cleaned the bike and hung up all the clothes so they will hopefully get dry until sunday.

The bike is in absolutely good conditions again. In the shop they checked all the screws and the gearing plus made the suspension in the back a lot harder, which is propably the best change of all. So now I still have a good suspension, but all the power I put in the pedals is now going into moving forward and not into the suspension kit. That is pretty awesome.

Plan for tomorrow is to go to work and then go riding on sunday….


Btw, did you check out the performance chart yet? The latest update is now online and I decided to do a little change to the graphics….

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