Today’s Ride#4: bird of prey and butterflies

Conditions: warm, sunny, only a few clouds, no wind, 25°C / 77°F

Distance: 26,19 km  /  16,27 mi

Time: 2h 27m

Average Speed: 10,69 kmh  / 6,64 mph

Uphill: 223 m

Overall Distance: 429,05 km  /  266,6 mi

Overall Time:  1d 15h 49m

+++UPDATE: correct time is 1d 16h 48m. If you want to know why, read the post “something about the numbers”+++


Today I rode a trail I only hit once before. It is a small path leading through long grass along a little slope. The trail itself is not too hard to ride but the peace and silence you experience while riding, is what this path makes so special. I was riding my bike over the trail like I always do, as suddenly a bird of prey ( I don’t know what kind exactly…) came  down from the sky striking and disappearing into the long grass,just to get up into the sky with something in his beak that appeared to be a mouse. The moment after it, I was riding along the trail side by side with two or three butterflies surrounding me on the trail.

These thirty seconds have been the most impressive thirty seconds of the 2880 thirty seconds of the day.

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