Today’s Ride#5: A little Road tour…


Conditions: a lot of Sunshine, no wind, no clouds, 32°C / 89,6°F

Distance: 14,83 km  / 9,21 mi

Time: 0h 56min  /  0,9h

Average Speed: 16,5 kmh  /  10,23 mph

Uphill: 168m

Overall Distance: 443,88 km  /  275,81 mi

Overall Time: 1d 17h 44min

NOTES: Today I woke up really really tired. I decided to take a ride on my bike though, because it still was a free day, I did not have to work, I did not have to do anything else, there just was a lot of free space today.

I know these days are rare, so after a lot of coffee I finally was ready to get up on my bike. It was a short ride, mainly on roads and gravel, but it was worth it.

Plus, during the ride I found a new old problem at the front of the bike. I thought it was solved after the mtb was in the shop for  a check up, but it obviously is not solved so, that is pretty bad. I still can ride like today, roads, gravel, up and down, but all the fun stuff is not possibly with a problem like this. So, I need to take care of this again…

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