Today’s Ride#10: A BMX in a Forest…

Conditions: dry with just a few rain drops, forest was still quite muddy, clouds, no sun, warm, 31°C  /  87,8°F

Distance: 15,06 km  /  9,36 mi

Time: 2:36 h  /  2,6 h

Average Speed: 5,79 kmh  /  3,60 mph

Uphill: 161m

Overall Distance: 575,3 km  /  357,46 mi

Overall Time: 2d 3h 32min

Notes: Today was a very special  day. I tried something new with the BMX and, for the first time in the history of the blog, did it accompanied by a good pal of mine. As you can read in the headline, I took the BMX to my local favorite forest and…. it worked out way better than I imagined, who would have thought???  Of course, the uphill sections are really really hard work, the downhill sections are insanly dangerous and rough, but take all this aside and the BMX is quite fun in the forest…

Btw, riding together with a good pal makes a fun ride even better…oh yeah, today I had no time to take clips for a good video…so this week the YOUTUBE channel is not featuring a new video..

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