Today’s Ride#13: Mtb is back home…

Conditions: Super hot, sunny, sunny, sunny, windy, no clouds, 35°C / 95°F

Distance: 11,97 km  /  7,44 mi

Time: 0 h : 47 min  / 0,78 h

Average Speed: 15,35 kmh  /  9,54 mph

Uphill: (sorry, forgot to write them down… my bad)

Overall Distance: 632,90 km  /  393,25 mi

Overall Time: 2d 6h 42min

NOTES: Today I picked up my Norco Mountainbike from the Bike shop…again. As you know, I already brought it back like 4 weeks ago, but I had the feeling, that the inspection / repairing was not done in a proper way. The Gears did not work fine, I had a bad feeling at the front everytime I hit the front brake…things like this, you know. So this time I brought the bike to another shop and as far as I can tell after 11km / 7mi, they did a good job this time. The gears are working really really fine, everything is running smooth and the bike just feels a lot fresher than before. Tomorrow I’m going to try the Norco out in the Woods or at the local Mtb hill, so I can give you a more detailed review about whether the bike is okay or not. So, stay tuned…

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