Today’s Ride#14: Water!!! I need water…

Conditions: super, super hot, no wind, no clouds, 36°C / 97°F

…btw, today was propably the last day of the heatwave, there is a big storm hitting my area around tomorrow evening. So, hopefully there will be no damage and the next days are going to be a little bit cooler…

Distance: 21,78 km  / 13,53 mi

Time: 2 h : 28m  / 2,47h

Average Speed: 8,82 kmh  /  5,48 mph

Uphill: 144m

Overall Distance: 654,68 km  /  406,78 mi

Overall Time: 2d 9h 10min

NOTES: GOOD,maybe even BEST NEWS of the day….The Mtb survived the DirtPark Track on the local Mtb hill and the following downhill part right through a field of nettles, hahaha, my hands are still a little itchy as I’m writing this down…So, in the near future there will hopefully a lot more Mtb action, stay tuned…

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