Today’s Ride#15: Catching the last Sunlight of the day

Conditions: warm not hot, a few clouds but sunny, 29°C / 84°F

Distance: 20,49 km  /  12,73 mi

Time: 1h : 25 min  /  1,42 h

Average Speed: 14,4 kmh  /  8,96 mph

Uphill: 211 m


Overall Distance: 675,17 km  /  419,51 mi

Overall Time: 2d 10h 35min

NOTES: Okay, to be honest with you, Today’s Ride#15 actually went down yesterday. But I was just able to ride the roadbike really late in the day and just got home before sunset, so I did not have the time or the motivation to put this update online right after the ride.

Beside this, it actually is pretty cool to ride later in the day, because there are advantages you just have at that specific time of the day:

the streets are empty, there are almost no cars and people,

on a hot day like yesterday, the temperatures are quite okay in the evening, which means you don’t die because of dehydration and overheating during the ride, which is always good, right?

So I would say, on a roadbike, there are almost only advantages, at least I did not see any disadvantages yesterday. Maybe they show up in future late evening rides and maybe they show up, when I’m taking the Mtb for a late evening ride.

Who knows?!?

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