Today’s Ride #19: Shortcut through the fields

Conditions: windy, cloudy, dry, sunlight here and there, 22°C / 72°F

Distance: 15,09 km / 9,38 mi

Time: 0h 47m  /  0,78 h

Average Speed: 19,35 kmh / 12,03 mph

Uphill: 134 m

Overall Distance: 762,38 km  /  473,71 mi

Overall Time: 2d 15h 28min

NOTES: Something seems to be wrong with this year’s summer. The last weeks were full of rain and wind and storm and dark clouds. Today was one of those days really windy, almost storm like days, which can be quite weird from time to time, when you are riding around on a road bike. At the end of the day, the wind kind of destroyed me, so I took a little shortcut home, which led right through one of those corn fields from a horror movie…

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