Today’s Ride#21: And then the rain came pouring down…


rainy all day long, dark clouds everywhere, heavy wind from time to time, sun rays really rare, but able to fight the clouds here and there, 21°C / 70°F

Distance: 21,77 km  /  13,53 mi

Time: 1h 8m  /  1,13 h

Average Speed: 19,3 kmh  /  11,97

Uphill: 160 m

Overall Distance: 810,56 km  /  503,65 mi

Overall Time: 2d 19h 25min

Notes: okay, let’s be honest….who really LIKES to go riding bicycles in the rain and actually start the ride / the tour in the rain? I did it once before and  I did not like it, at all… but what to do, when it is your day off of work and you already did all the things that had to be taken care of – like surviving your weekly visit to the local super market on a weekend, washing all the stinking, dirty clothes you own, etc, etc, etc – and you don’t know what else to do, because riding bicycles is the only real fun thing to do in life and the only free time activity you actually know ( playing video games, and drinking beers don’t count here, because that’s more like after ride activity, isn’t it?!?…) ???

Right…you keep waiting…you keep waiting and checking the temperature and checking the humidity, while you’re staring out of the window, to check if the sky has finally lighten up just enough to make you feel like the right moment has come, so you can grab your bike and finally start riding in kind of dry conditions….

Yesterday, was just like that. And looking back, I actually think, I did catch the only time window possible, which was one hour and eight minutes, to be riding without rain coming down out of the sky. Because right after I got back from the ride, it started raining again immediately…

You know, that’s what I’m saying…waiting, checking, staring…it’s science and it works…

See you later, alligator….

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