Today’s Ride#22: Bikers and Tuner


warm not hot, a few clouds, but nothing compared to yesterday, sunny and most important, no rain at all, 24°C / 75°F

Distance: 26,56 km  /  16,50 mi

Time: 3h 0m  /  3,0 h

Average Speed: 8,9 kmh  /  5,5 mph

Uphill: 246m

Overall Distance: 837,12 km  /  520,15 mi

Overall Time: 2d 22h 25min

NOTES: Today I ,again, met up with a good pal of mine and we took a trip on our Mtb’s to the local forest. Compared to yesterday the weather changed like 180°. The sun was shining most of the time and it wasn’t windy at all. I was surprised how dark it is in the woods, but we still had enough light to ride as long and as fast as we wanted. When we went for a break, we stumbled upon a huge biker and tuner meeting, which was really impressive. The bikers were doing drag races, while the tuners were competing in drift races, everything seemed pretty unreal. This is one of the rare things you only get to see on a sunday.

When I got back from the tour after 26 km and exactly 3 hours on the bike, I felt pretty done, so I still got a few more training sessions ahead, if I ever want to do bigger tours in the future. But however…

Today was a good day…

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