Today’s Ride#26: Riding new Streets…

Conditions: riding right before upcoming rain, heavy dark clouds, hard wind, low sunlight, 17°C / 63°F

Distance: 21,70 km / 13,48 mi

Time: 1h 10min / 1,17h

Average Speed: 18,55 kmh  /  11,52 mph

Uphill: 159m

Overall Distance: 933,98 km  /  580,33 mi

Overall Time: 3d 3h 48min

NOTES: I always try to vary my route a little, to prevent me from getting bored of riding bikes, because ,surprisingly, that happens a lot and quite fast. It is good to have a home route, you can ride whenever you want by just getting out of the front door and start riding. But it is even better to have 4 or 5 variations of that route to always keep your riding and your mind fresh.

So today, I did exactly that. I ended up riding streets right through pretty big fields and met a carriage ride, crashed with a wasp (without getting stinged…), and got passed by a huge motorcycle club.

That is how I try to keep my riding fresh and new…

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