Today’s Ride#28: Wide fields and narrow tunnels…

Conditions: really warm, super cloudy, mega high humidity, 26°C / 79°F

Distance: 29,79 km / 18,51 mi

Time: 1h 44min / 1,7h

Average Speed: 17,5 kmh / 10,9 mph

Uphill: 277m

Overall Distance: 995,20 km / 618,37 mi

Overall Time: 3d  7h 21min

Notes: Today I tried out a totally new route. Normally I’m riding in Eastern / South Eastern direction, but today I went for a ride in Western / South Western direction. I came across roads and districts I last rode like a very long time ago, maybe even longer, so it took some time until I figured out the right direction and found the roads, I wanted to ride along. Unfortunately the roads in these districts are in even worse conditions than I remembered, so most of the time it was quite uncomfortable to ride these roads on a road bike, but the landscape was really cool: Wide fields surrounded by forests and only separated by small roads, which are surrounded by above – ground wires, like back in the old days.

All in all, it was good to ride somewhere new, even if it was rough to ride these broken roads, not just for the bike, but also for the rider…

Tomorrow is going to be a Mtb session….

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