Today’s Ride#30: Birds on wires,saxophone playing cyclist and a lingerie photoshooting…

Conditions: A lot of rain during the last days, so there was a lot of mud on the ground. Today was dry though, the sun was shining from time to time and the wind was blowing, 19°C / 66°F

Distance: 31,61 km / 19,64 mi

Time: 2h 38m / 2,6 h

Average Speed: 12,2 kmh / 7,6 mph

Uphill: 287m

Overall Distance: 1055,68 km / 655,95 mi

Overall Time: 3d 12h 51min

NOTES: Today was a great weird awesome day.

The first cars crossed the finish line in Monza, I got up, grabbed my bags and stuff and opened the door. It was about time to get my personal race started…

I got into the day with a clear plan for riding. But things changed and I decided to do a Mtb session at the local Mtb hill, as I always do, when I have absolutely no idea, where to ride and what to do.

The tour just started and I already saw the first weird thing. I was riding through a field and I suddenly heard a strange noise. It was an instrument, I think it was a saxophone, played by a cyclist, standing in front of his bike, doing the best he could do on his instrument. The sound was okay, I never heard a saxophone live before, but looking at it as an objective viewer and / or listener, I would say, it was okay…

Anyway the ride continued, I got to the hill, did a couple of laps, like I always do. Fast as possible uphill, controlled risk downhill. As I finally run out of breath, I decided to ride back home. That was the point, things continued being weird again.

Along the way, I had to follow a long straight line of voltage wires for a couple of minutes. Usually I almost don’t notice them, like at all.But today, there were like hundreds of crows or blackbirds sitting right on the top wire. That was really, really, really impressive…

And just when you think, you saw enough great thinks today, I literally stumbled into a semi professional lingerie photoshooting. The photographer and the model were standing under a bridge, right beside their car, with the motor still running and doors open. The photographer was making all these weird photographer moves, swinging his camera all over the place, while she was moving in front of him, doing her weird lingerie model moves in front of the camera. That was both, the nicest and the weirdest thing I saw, like, probably ever.

See you…

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