Today’s Ride#31: A small time window…

Conditions: non stop rain and wind for the last 24 hours, suddenly sunshine and rain at the same time, then the rain stopped and what remained at the sky, for a short period of time, was the sun, 16 °C / 61°F

Distance: 21,08 km / 13,09 mi

Time: 1h 16min / 1,3 h

Average Speed: 16,2 kmh / 10,1 mph

Uphill: 211m

Overall Distance: 1076,76 km / 669,04 mi

Overall Time: 3d 14h 07min

NOTES: It is kind of an artform, catching the only dry time window on a soaking wet rainy day. Once the moment has come, you need to be prepared, you need to be ready. Choose the right clothes . Get your backpack ready . Take a great cup of coffee , black , no sugar , to get your mind and body in focus. And finally , keep staring out of the window like a lunatic, while you’re waiting for the moment to come.

Today, the rain got me at the end, but I was lucky enough to start the ride in semi – dry conditions. It was a good decision . At the end of the day, you can’t change the weather , but you can change your attitude…



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