Today’s Ride#32: Riding in the Wind…

Conditions: it’s finally dry again, the sun is shining, always accompanied by low clouds and heavy wind  18°C / 64°F

Distance: 30,53 km / 18,97 mi

Time: 1h 46min / 1,8h

Average Speed: 16,96 kmh / 10,54 mph

Uphill: 248m

Overall Distance: 1107,29 km / 688,01 mi

Overall Time: 3d 15h 53min

Notes: Riding in heavy wind can become a real challenge for your body and mind. You need to stay focused and just keep on doing what you’re doing all the time: Pedal.
Sometimes the wind gets so intense, it feels like you’re not moving forward at all. Then, the wind may be crossing, hitting your flank like a train. You need to react quickly, but don’t hesitate, after a short time you’ll figure out the difference. I always imagine, it’s like surfing on a wind wave. And suddenly, riding your bicycle in heavy wind feels so cool…


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