The Rhine Donkey

Conditions: no rain, but wet roads from time to time. heavy clouds, but no wind at all. sunshine is rare. 14°C / 57°F

Distance: 34,34 km /21,34 mi

Time: 2h 02m / 2,0h

Average Speed: 17,17 kmh / 10,67 mph

Uphill: 320m

Overall Distance: 1158,36 km / 719,74 mi

Overall Time: 3d 19h 16m

Today’s Ride#34: 
There is this one location I heard about for a long long time, but I never been there. The Rhine Donkey, what a great name for a bike lane…

Built in 1880, the Rhine Donkey used to be a 13km / 8mi long train track connecting three cities and a lot of industrial companies. A lot of people from outer city farms went to work or visited the market by using the Rhine Donkey. Imagine a dozen of human beings packed with vegetables, potatoes, eggs, chicken and rabbits. That is where the track got his name from…

Nowadays, the old train track is covered with concrete, representing the largest bike lane I know. Due to the absence of cars and the great quality of the track, it also is the fastest bike lane I know. Nevertheless, there is a lot of busy traffic on a Sunday like today. Cyclists, people with dogs, people with other people and a lot of crossroads and entrances always remind you that this is not a race track, though it may look like one.

Today, I rode the last 3km / 2mi of the track, but I’m definitely gonna come back another time…


P.S: If you interested in the whole story of it. I got the background information from wikipedia. Here’s the link:

The Rhine Donkey

unfortunately, the article in english language is not always correct and missing a lot of things. The article in german language is way better. So it is about time to get the dust off your german knowledges, right?… or just post your questions in the comments and I try to answer them as good as possible…

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