A Roadbike race track called “the Kidney”

Conditions: caught a few of the last sun rays of late summer, after they went down beyond the horizon, temperatures got bitter cold,

ca. 22°C / 68°F  ———-> down to ———>ca. 12°C / 54°F

Distance: 28,68 km / 17,82 mi

Time: 1h 54m  /  1,9h

Average Speed: 15,1 kmh  /  9,4 mph

Uphill: 263m

Overall Distance: 1187,04 km  /  737,56 mi

Overall Time: 3d 21h 10m

Today’s Ride #35:

There is a place in town, I first read about like a few weeks ago. A race track right next to a highway, surrounded by a little forest: “The Kidney”.

Finding the access point to the track is not as easy as  I thought. A rough description from the www and one or two pictures of the track itself is all I got, so it takes a while ’til I successfully figure out, where the place is at.

The closed entrance gate is covered in rust, but there is a sign that says: ” Watch out! Roadbike racing!”. That must be the place I saw on the internet. I have to carry my bicycle to get across the gate and access the track. There is another sign, bent and twisted, with a black arrow on it, pointing right:” This way!”. I decide to follow the direction of the sign. I don’t want to be a ghost rider, crashing into cyclists and causing a breaking news show in television.

It’s late summer, the trees keep already losing their leaves, that now cover the whole race track. Maybe the wrong time for a first visit, but leaves are not a big deal, as long as they’re not hiding shards of glasses or potholes. But this is not the case. The concrete is in good condition. Leaves and little sticks, but the tires are running smooth. There are white marks on the side of the track, numbers, counting down the distance to the finish line:

…400m…300m…200m…100m…there it is, the finish line.

Right next to it, there are a few people, sitting on a wooden bank right under a wooden shelter, enjoying a cold one and probably talking about everything and bicycles. Everyone around here is a cyclist. There are all kinds of  bikes hanging from the roof of the shelter. As I’m crossing the finish line, I can see all of them for the shortest fraction of a second: Fixie Bikes, Time Trial Bikes and Road Bikes in every single colour of the universe. This spot is a roadbike paradise. I leave the finish line behind and the numbers on the side of the track start counting down the track length again:

…800m…700m…I’m slowly understanding how this track got his name. There is one straight, two long light left turns and a large stretched S. I’m drawing this picture in my mind: I’m riding on a human organ….or a bean.

…600m…500m… there is the rusted entrance gate again. I turn right, stop and carry the bike over the gate. One last look, then I’m gone. But I will be back. This place is awesome.







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