One lovely Blog Award…

Hi everyone!

Big News arrived today:

Today, Lori  from Lori writes the world  nominated me for the “One lovely Blog Award”. Thanks for the nomination, Lori. This is really awesome and it motivates me to put even more work into this blog.

Please, make sure to check out Lori’s Blog. She is a great writer and her poems and stories really deserve a lot of attention and recognition.

The rules: 

1.Thank the person who nominated you for this lovely award, and make sure you also include a link back to their blog.

2. Post the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ picture to your blog with your nomination post.

3. List seven random facts about yourself.

4. Nominate up to 15 other blogs for this lovely award.

5. Inform your nominees of their nomination.

6.Lastly, include this set of rules with your post.



Okay, so here are the seven random facts about the person behind this blog:

1. I’m 28 years old

2. I never been nominated for any award before

3. I do not own a car

4. I always have to hold myself back to not spend all my money on bikes and equipment

5. I like tea and coffee. I need coffee all day long, to keep the power alive and tea in the evening, because it is great too

6. I have an acoustic guitar hanging on the wall, covered in dust. I know how to play it and I should probably make use of that knowledge more often

7. I like mathematics. I like how you can describe the world in numbers. I’m not good at it though…

And finally, here are the blogs I nominate:

  1. Lost Greetings
  2. EcoMouthPiece

Please, make sure to check out these Blogs. They are both filled with great stories and ideas and definitely worth the Visit.


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