Industrial Training Grounds


an outstanding autumn day, the sun is shining, leaves of every colour are covering the ground and the air is filled with this special late summer – autumn smell,  24°C / 75°F

Distance: 28,92 km  /  17,97 mi

Time: 2h 05m  / 2,1 h

Average Speed: 13,8 kmh  /  8,6 mph

Uphill: 268m

Overall Distance: 1270,14 km  / 789,19 mi

Overall Time: 4d 2h 49min

Today’s Ride#38:

The place once used to be the property of a blast furnace factory. But there is not much left of what was called the “forbidden city”. The trains are gone. The rails are gone. The smoke, the dust, the pig – iron…all gone. The few buildings that have survived the effects of time are all abandoned.

Today, this area has got a new face though. The ruins of the factory are now a monument. The rail network was replaced by brand new roads. The space in between was filled with IT and Energy companies and all around, there is a large park.

Time is always changing things. Time changed this place before and it is going to change this place again. No one knows how this area is going to look like in thirty or fifty years.

But right now…

Thanks to the brand new roads, the long straights and the sharp turns, the absence of traffic and the largeness of the whole area…this place feels like a roadbike paradise everytime  I’m riding  bicycle in here



  1. John Snow says:

    What a beautiful day…. So relaxing views

  2. […] to figure out, where today’s ride would take me to next. To my fortune, the place I called Industrial Training Grounds a couple of months ago, is just in reach of the racetrack. This is a really cool place, full of […]

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