A Ride to the Harbor


constant rain during the last thirty – six hours, today it stopped raining for round about ninety minutes,  there was a minor autumn storm passing this area yesterday, no heavy wind today, but the airstream during the ride is cold,  13°C / 55°F

Distance: 19,30 km / 12,00 mi

Time: 1h 24m / 1,4 h

Average Speed: 13,8 kmh / 8,6 mph

Uphill: 137m

Overall Distance:  1289,44 km  / 801,19 mi

Overall Time:  4d 4h 13min

Today’s Ride#39:

The Harbor is another one of my favourite locations for a training session on a sunday. Why?

—>There is almost no traffic, because the truck drivers and all the factories and container loading stations are shut down on every last day of the week.

—>The roads are always kept in an okay – condition, to make sure the truck drivers don’t wreck their machines and cargo.

—>The scenery. I always like to ride through these raw, almost post – apocalyptic, industrial surroundings. And trust me, there are a lot of post – apocalyptic surroundings in the harbor district…

Today’s Ride was a short but fun session. But, it seems, the conditions and the temperatures are getting worse and worse every day. I will have to think about, what I’m going to do in the dark time of year…



Thanks to the advice of Elaine from CrowdedMind  , I decided to  invest more riding time into taking pictures. Elaine thought, it would be cool to have more of them on the Website, so I think, this is worth the try.

I like the Blogposts just the way they are, with my favourite picture of the day in the header of each post. But, as a first try, I’m going to put more pictures in an image gallery at the sidebar widget area. Please, check it out and feel free to tell me what you think about it.



(quick Update, 17.10.17: well, I decided to put the photos right into the blogpost, since they get quite lost at the sidebar image gallery. And it probably looks better, too….)


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