Little Lake Hallerey


Two weeks of constant rain has come to an end. The weather is finally showing autumn’s nicest sides. No Wind, no Cold, just the glowing sun and the blue sky…

saturday: 24°C / 75°F
sunday: 26°C / 79°F

saturday: 18,55 km / 11,53 mi
sunday: 23,76 km / 14,76 mi

saturday: 1h 42 min / 1,7 h
sunday: 1h 31min / 1,5h

Average Speed: 
saturday: 10,9 kmh / 6,8 mph
sunday: 15,8 kmh / 9,8 mph

saturday: 155m
sunday: 201m

Weekend Distance:  42,31 km / 26,29 mi

Weekend Time:  3h 13min

Overall Distance:  1331,75 km / 827,48 mi

Overall Time:  4d 7h 26m

Today’s Ride #40: (weekend edition) 

Little Lake Hallerey is a nature reserve, located just around my corner. The whole area is thickly overgrown and mostly kept wild If you want to catch a look at the lake itself, there is just one long and straight road by the lakeside, that gives you the opportunity to do that. The surrounding wooden area is not officially opened up with paths, but there are one or two tiny narrow offroad trails, that will lead you straight through the forest and , at one point, even closer to the lakeside.
Usually there are a lot of birds and animals all around the lake. I’m not a professional bird watcher, but I think I spotted one or two herons and a lot of wild geese, while taking a break at the lakeside.
Little Lake Hallerey is a great place to spend some active time outside. There are always a lot of runner and cyclists around and the only one, asphalted and straight road, gives you a really good opportunity to test your body’s and bike’s sprint ability.
This weekend I did two rides that lead me through Little Lake Hallerey, mainly because I wanted to take more pictures of the Lake, but it also reminded me, that this is a great place to visit. Even if you’re just rushing through on your roadbike.


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