The Sundial on top of the landmark

the day started pretty ugly, dark clouds, heavy wind and nasty drizzle dominated the morning. In the afternoon the rain was gone, the rest was still there. If you were lucky, there was a rare chance to see the sun
16°C / 61°F

Distance: 24,91 km / 15,48 mi

Time: 2h 08min / 2,1 h

Average Speed: 11,9 kmh / 7,4 mph

Uphill: 217 m

Overall Distance: 1356,66 km / 842,96 mi

Overall Time: 4d 9h 34min

Today’s Ride#41:

Scrolling through the WordPress Reader, there are always a dozen of awesome stories of people taking on adventures and seeing places they never been before and / or doing things they never did before. At some point I thought it is about time to start doing my own adventures and try to visit new places and locations more often than I used to. Today I tried something like a “mini – version” of an adventure, by riding somewhere I never been before…

It was just another rainy afternoon and it was just another day I spend sitting at the desk, scrolling through the net, looking out for ideas of locations and places I could Blog about. Then I stumbled upon something interesting:
A landmark that was located at a place, that used to be an old mining property centuries ago. The internet also said, they put a sundial on top of it !?!?
Since I have never been there before and since all of this sounded to good to be true, I decided, that this place is absolutely worth a visit.

Landmarks like, the one I found on the web, are very common in the area I live, as these little hills are nothing else than a side product of all the mining that took place everywhere until the ’60s or ’70s.
Nowadays, nature conquered back the properties. Cities and communities use to keep the wild growth in shape, to create something like an “industrial park”, where citizen can spend their spare time on the weekends. Sometimes they add pieces of art, to raise the attractivity and the cultural value of these parks. In combination with the ruins of the old mining buildings and facilities, these places are always pretty awesome.

Anyway, as soon as I arrived at the sight, I instantly regretted not taking a bike lock with me. Standing at the foot of the little hill, I realized that all the paths, that lead upwards to the top are covered with gravel, dirt or worse. These paths are impassable for the road bike, for riding on this surface is always causing punctures and flat tires ( at least this is the experience I made…). The only option I had, was carrying the bike all the way upstairs and thus, creating a lot of funny and weird looks from everyone I came across. Luckily, the view from the top of the landmark was definitely wort, carrying my bike all the way upwards.
Standing on the little plateau on top, the view I gained guaranteed a look at almost the whole region I came across on the way to the sight. And there was indeed a sundial standing in the middle of the plateau. Twentyfour stainless steel tubes were build up in a circle. An additional tube reached all the way from the middle of the circle, diagonal towards one of the twentyfour tubes, forming a triangle exactly parallel to the Earth’s axis.
That’s, what the information sign next to the sundial told me and that’s where I got all my knowledge about sundials from.
Standing in the middle of this huge sundial was quite impressive even though the sun did not shine on this day. But hey, that is just a reason to come back and visit this place again, right?


  1. I love this post (I always forget essentials like bike locks too) 😁😂

  2. Adventuring Triathlete says:

    Fantastic page, I absolutely love that you make cycling a way to adventure and see different things. Much like you I spend time traveling, riding, or training, and find that bicycles are one of the best ways to see everything. Thank you for sharing, cheers!

    • hi, thanks for the nice words! It’s true, bicycles are awesome. I just had a quick look at your page. The half ironman sounds like a gigantic goal to me. I can’t wait to read more about it.
      Have a good day…

  3. Bryntin says:

    Cycling is such a great way to explore, faster than feet but much more immersive than a car. I can’t walk far when off my bike, if I can take it with me to balance against, that works, carrying definitely doesn’t!

  4. Beatrice says:

    I think it’s pretty neat exploring places a bike’s ride away, and exploring locations near you. Much more flexible than a car in terms of being able to bring it with you. Maybe you’ll do more mini-adventures… and perhaps even those long-distance cycling adventures sometime in the future! Great short read. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. […] hill is not a natural formed hill. Actually, it is just a bigger version of the landmark with the sundial . An artificial hill created by one of the many coal industry factories back in the old days. A few […]

  6. […] a word with the proper description of what I’m trying to tell you”…) just like The Sundial on top of the landmark and the Mountainbike Hill , that was located on the property of a former colliery. Even if you […]

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