Along the Highway


The days are officially getting shorter and shorter, since the clocks have been turned back this night. The cold and dark time of year is imminent, the temperatures keep dropping and heavy wind attacks make it even colder. Anyway, the sun was shining all day long, to make this day a really nice storm day, which was too good not to go riding, 10°C / 50°F

Distance: 18,31 km / 11,38 mi

Time: 2h 04m / 2,1 h

Average Speed: 8,7 kmh / 5,4 mph

Uphill: 133m

Overall Distance:  1374,97 km / 854,34 mi

Overall Time: 4d 11h 38m

Today’s Ride #42:

Today’s Ride went all the way along the city’s most important highway. For me, this was the perfect approach to come across all the sights, that define the city’s skyline. As I found out during the tour, it was also a great way to improve my riding skills…

Right from the beginning, I tried to ride as close as possible to the highway. Most of the time, this was absolutely no problem, because many sidewalks next to the freeway are set up with bike lanes, but a big part of the ride was all about conquering and surviving really really broken sidewalks and ways on a roadbike. Plus, most of the time I didn’t even know, exactly what I’m riding on, because the surface was covered with dead leaves, sticks and something I like to call “freeway dirt”.

Anyway, I just took all of this as a challenge to improve my riding and tried to look at the good things of the ride: There are a lot of bridges crossing the highway. Standing in the middle of a bridge, you are able to get an awesome view of the freeway and a great shot with your camera. All of the bridges were accessible to bikes, which means there is some kind of “weird-looking-but-super-cool-to-ride-your-bike-on” ramp up to the bridge.

I tried to capture the coolest things along the way with my camera. Of course, there are still a lot of things I haven’t captured and I didn’t even make half the distance of the freeway, so I think this leaves the door open for “Along the Highway Part II”…



  1. Laura Tulip Blogs It says:

    Your photos are great!

  2. roads_wetake says:

    Your commitment to cycling is amazing, you always think about wanting to bike more but with some peoples driving skills it kind of gets in your head. With you though it takes you to neat places for pictures which is awesome!

    • hi! Like every blogger, I’m just posting things, which I think of, I’m good at and I’m having fun with. Cycling and photography definitely comply with this…
      Thank you for your words, they prove, I’m doing something right….
      Have a good day !

  3. You did a great job capturing photos along the way. I like how you added them in circles, that was clever. BUT also it was inspiring to hear about your ride… I am not a cyclist, but I’ve always wonder if it could be fun, it seems like it would be boring just riding for hours/miles by myself. In a group, it seems like it is fun. So, thanks for bringing us on the other side.

    • hi! thank you for the nice review.

      Of course riding can be kind of boring by times. The challenge is to always keep your cycling fresh and interesting. Personally, I try to always find new destinations or alternative ways and paths to destinations I have already been. Thus, there is always something new to experience.
      It also turned out, the blog itself kind of raised my interest in cycling through taking pictures and writing about it.
      Riding together can also be fun if you share the same way / style of riding and if everyone is on the same fitness level.
      So, I think there is always a way to make cycling interesting and fun again.

      Have a good day….

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