Autumn Session at the Mountainbike Hill


A really nice and warm autumn day. The sun was shining all day long and there was this special autumn smell in the air again. It was windy and it got even more windy as the sun was setting at around five o’clock. That was the moment when the temperatures dropped and I had to turn the bike lights on for the first time in 2017…
15°C / 59°F  —-> down to —–> 9°C / 48°F

Distance: 20,52 km / 12,75 mi

Time: 2h 15m  /  2,25 h

Average Speed: 9,1 kmh  /  5,7 mph

Uphill: 147 m

Overall Distance: 1395,49 km  /  867,09 mi

Overall Time: 4d 13h 53m

Today’s Ride #43:

After a long period of Roadbike riding, it was about time to finally grab the Mountainbike again. If you used to read one of my early blogposts, you certainly already know  my favourite Mountainbike spot in town:

The old Mountainbike park on top of the hill

This hill is not a natural formed hill. Actually, it is just a bigger version of the landmark with the sundial . An artificial hill created by one of the many coal industry factories back in the old days. A few years ago the owner of the hill, the city’s garbage disposal, decided to build a large Mountainbike Arena all around this hill. Unfortunately they used to care less each year. Time went by and today there are just a few remnants of the whole park and a handful of paths left to ride on. The rest of it is thickly overgrown with grass or has been leveled off for the brand new pholtovoltaic system plant that was build about a year ago.

To be honest with you, the opening of the Mountainbike park was long before I started riding Mountainbikes. And actually I’m quite happy about that, because that’s just why this place never lost any magic or attractivity for me in person. I just don’t know whether or not this place used to be cooler back in the days. But I do know, that I still like to ride my Mountainbike at this place. And after all, that is what counts.

Anyway, another reason for visiting the hill after a rather long time was to finally take a lot of pictures, so I could show you this place a little more in detail. I had a lot of luck and a good timing today, because I had awesome light conditions, as I showed up to the sight just before sunset. I think I was able to catch the cool light in one or two pictures.

So, I hope you like the pictures and of course every feedback or idea is welcome. Have a good day…



  1. Beautiful! Looks like a great place for biking! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. […] I’m trying to tell you”…) just like The Sundial on top of the landmark and the Mountainbike Hill , that was located on the property of a former colliery. Even if you don’t know the exact […]

  3. L Young says:

    Lovely pictures Dennis! I love to go riding when the weather is good.

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