The October Performance Chart

So, I worked on the layout and the size of the performance chart. The “whole-Year-and-every-single-Ride” version of the diagram just got a little too big to handle. I decided it is time for a change. From now on I’m going to upload the performance of each and every month in their own diagram. This should give everyone who is interested in it a better overview about the last month’s rides and I also think, it is a lot easier to compare one month to another.

But don’t worry if you prefer the “All-in-One” edition of the chart:
rumors say, it will have a comeback at the end of the year…

– dennis

the october performancethe october performance II

P.S: please let me know,what you think about the chart. Would you prefer a different layout or style? Are you interested in additional data? Share your thoughts, every feedback and idea is welcome…

Have a good day…


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