The Vinyl Solo Black

This is the “Vinyl Solo Black”, the Bike I’m probably using most of the time in 2017, usually referred to as “the road bike”.


The Vinyl Solo Black I

It is made up of a handcrafted steel frame and fork. The black powder coat paint job, gives the frame a really cool and simple look. The coolest item on this bike, is the rear hub.

The Vinyl Solo Black III


The Vinyl Solo Black II

Though the Vinyl Solo Black looks like a single speed or fixie bicycle, it actually is a 2 – speed bicycle, with an automatic rear hub. The tech behind this system is a centrifugal clutch that is changing gears somewhere between 15 – 20 kmh / 9 – 12 mph.

The Vinyl Solo Black IV

At the moment I’m riding two different tires, because of several punctures at the rear, that I have got during the year. The tire at the front is the original tire, with the vintage looking beige colour. In combination with the pure black tire at the rear, the bike looks a little weird right now. I think I’m going to change the front tire as soon as it is damaged…


After all, the simplicity of this Bike is gigantic. There is almost nothing to maintain and the only mechanical issues I had, were the flat tires at the rear, but things like that just happen from time to time, right? This bike is always “ready – to – use” and together with its roadbike mentality, the speed and the easy handling, I know exactly why this bike was my first choice a lot of times this year….

The Vinyl Solo Black V



  1. This is one cool bike! I use a singlespeed to get around Lisbon, but the steeper hills are tough. Are you happy with that rear hub? Are the gear changes smooth, or a bit clunky?

    – Verne

    • Thank you! I’m very happy with this bike and the rear hub. The gear changes are a little clunky, but you get used to it the longer you are riding with this bike. And yes, steeper hills are very tough on a singlespeed bike, hahaha….

  2. […] the downside of it, the daily usage of the Vinyl  starts to leave traces on the bicycle.  There are two or three tiny cracks on each tire. Right […]

  3. […] The Vinyl was not designed for conditions like this. Maintaining the bicycle everyday after work in the dark was kind of cool for a few days, but eventually stopped being cool … a lot. […]

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