Autumn Wonderland


It feels like winter but looks like fall , the wind is evil and it rains from time to time,     7°C / 44°F

Distance: 14,55 km / 9,04 mi

Time: 1h 28m / 1,5h

Average Speed: 9,7 kmh / 6,0 mph

Uphill: 141m

Overall Distance: 1410,04 km / 876,13 mi

Overall Time: 4d 15h 21m

Today’s Ride#44: 

As I prepared for today’s ride, I suddenly started to feel like some kind of fighter or maybe a knight. It was my first attempt to go riding in really cold conditions and I did not want to make a rookie mistake and go out there without a proper setup. So I decided to wear two pants, an underwear shirt, a fitness shirt, a sweater and a soft shell jacket. Additionally I put on a beanie like cap under my helmet to keep my head from freezing. I think I have never been wearing more clothes at the same time before, but as soon as I started riding I knew it was the right decision.

Today I wanted to visit the local city forest to check out the conditions of the trails. It really was worth the visit. There were leaves of every colour, fallen from the tress, covering the ground and hiding what’s beneath them. It was hard for me to locate the paths and trails, everything just looked the same and I couldn’t go as fast as I wanted, because all the roots and obstacles were invisible. Crashes happen fast in these conditions, so I decided to keep things easy today.  The dark time of year is not the fastest time of year. It is about preserving your shape for the season ahead. The view was too good to go fast anyway.


P.S.: Please let me know, what you think of all the photos. I tried my best to capture the view I had on camera. I think I did okay with that, but a few photos were too dark or just not good. I’m not a pro photographer, but I want to progress my skills. Do you maybe have some advices for shooting in dusk conditions?





  1. “The wind is evil”… Agreed! Way to go out and ride anyway, though. So good! Advice for shooting in dusk conditions, though… I am not a pro photographer either but if I may, YouTube is a great resource for learning to use various settings to take photos in specific conditions. I’ve been learning a lot from the resources available there and most of the time you can look up camera-specific advice as well. I’ve never been one to automatically “Youtube-it” if I needed to learn how to do something, but photography was something I did not completely understand with all of its terminology and settings, etc. YouTube has been an awesome asset in slowly improving my understanding, though 🙂

  2. I am not a professional photographer, either, but I think these photos convey the theme of your post well. The wooded areas look a bit like the Hoosier National Forest in southern Indiana.

    • Thanks, Kelly! I just had a quick look at photos of the Hoosier National Forest on google. It seems like a really cool place and the woods look a bit similar indeed.
      Have you ever been there?

  3. elisgraci says:

    Beautiful photos…

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