The Steepest Hill in Town


Due to the rain that came down in the last days everything is wet and muddy. It is cold and the wind is still evil, and by the way…where is the sun ?

6°C / 43°F

Distance: 17,24 km / 10,71 mi

Time: 2h 9min / 2,2 h

Average Speed: 7,8 kmh / 4,9 mph

Uphill: 195m

Overall Distance: 1427,28 km / 886,84 mi

Overall Time: 4d 17h 30min

Today’s Ride#45:

I’m always spending a lot of time searching and scrolling through google maps in order to find some cool places I’m able to visit on my bike.
This week I stumbled over another landmark / hill / hillock / knoll ( /…”insert a word with the proper description of what I’m trying to tell you”…) just like The Sundial on top of the landmark and the Mountainbike Hill , that was located on the property of a former colliery.
Even if you don’t know the exact location of these hummocks ( maybe that is the right word?!? ), you can always easily spot them:
If they didn’t put concrete all over the place,the ground is always covered with a dark, grey mixture of cinders and gravel. Since this is a rather difficult ground for plants to grow on, only a few of them are able to survive there. Just look out for a lot of birches that are growing on a dark grey pile of cinder and gravel and it’s almost safe to say, you are standing on the property of a former colliery.

That is the exact method I used to finally locate the place I wanted to visit. I came across the entrance sign, shortly read through all the information on it, went back up on my bike and started to climb up to the top. It was a tough fight, but I managed to stay on the bike and finally reached the little platform on top.
Long story short, this was the steepest climb I did so far and I found a kick – ass spot to train my uphill skills…


the steepest hill I

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