A tough start to the last month of the year

nasty and cold grey day. There was wind, there was rain, there was sleet. Just a normal winter day… 3°C / 37°F
3°C / 37°F
Distance: 15,08 km / 9,37 mi
Time: 1h 38min / 1,6 h
Average Speed: 9,4 kmh / 5,9 mph
Uphill: 119m

Overall Distance: 1442,36 km / 896,21 mi

Overall Time: 4d 19h 08m

Today’s Ride#46:

A tough start into the last month of the year. In the morning, the whole neighborhood was covered in thin layers of snow. At noon, everything of that thin white magic was gone and what remained, was just dirt and mud.

I wanted to ride, anyway.

What started as a cold but kind of cool training session, became a december nightmare, with the set in of sleet. After a few minutes my glasses were covered with rain drops, my feet were numb and I couldn’t feel my face. No sight, no feeling, no face…but thanks to my brand new winter gloves, my hands were always kept warm…

During one of my tea breakes, I met an old man, taking his dog for a walk:
“My friend, this is a bad day for riding bicycles, isn’t it?”
Wise old man…
I smiled politely and just said: “Everyday is a good day for riding bicycles”
We both laughed…

They say every minute on the bike counts…Let’s just hope that’s true…



Today was not the right day for taking the Canon with me, so all of the pictures were taken with the action cam. It is the perfect choice for bad conditions, because it is waterproof and easy to handle. Of course, the settings and options are limited, but I think after all, the photos are okay. What do you think? Feel free to comment below…


  1. floatinggold says:

    I just cannot ride my bike in cold weather. *shivers*

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