November Performance Chart

November has come to an end and with that, it is time to share last months performance chart and stats:

the November performance Chart

November Overall Distance: 52,31 km / 32,5 mi

November Overall Time: 5h 52min / 5,9 h

November Average Speed: 8,9 kmh / 5,5 mph

November Uphill Distance: 483 m

Compared to the months before, especially the summer months, November’s achievements look a little poor.
This month I spend a lot of time on the mountainbike basically because, the months in the dark time of the year are also the months with the most dirt and garbage on the roads. The mountainbike can handle these conditions a lot better than the roadbike.
Time and Distances of each single ride are okay, considering the circumstances and the fact that the mountainbike’s average speed is always lower than the roadbike’s average.
Three acitivities in four weeks mean, I missed at least one opportunity to ride, so I try to do better in december.

In December I’ll try to do four activities in four weeks and hopefully beat November’s distance. Let’s see, if that works…



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