Two Thousand and Seventeen

Let’s face it, 2017 is over. In round about four days we’ll be saying goodbye to this year and welcoming the year ahead by hearing all the “greatest” songs from the early sixties to the late eighties, drinking alcoholic or non – alcoholic beverages we’ve never seen and / or tasted before and shooting the greater amount of our last wages into the night sky…like it or not, this is going to happen.

But before…

let’s take a break to look back at the year we are going to leave behind, because 2017 has just been too eventful to not mention the highs, the lows and the averages in between. Here are the achievements of my personal cycling year 2017:

“Today’s Ride” Overall Distance: 1464,20 km  /  909,78 mi

“Today’s Ride” Overall Time: 4d 21h 03m

The “Today’s Ride” with the longest Distance:  11.07.17 – Today’s Ride #16: A new Distance Record

The “Today’s Ride” with the shortest Distance:  14.05.17 – Today’s Ride #2 : A little bike check up

The “Today’s Ride” with the longest Duration:  07.08.17 – Today’s Ride#22: Bikers and Tuner

The “Today’s Ride” with the shortest Duration:  22.07.17 – Today’s Ride#17: Every minute on the bike counts…

The “Today’s Ride” with the highest average speed:

15.06.17 – Today’s Ride#11: It got hot… and 24.07.17 – Today’s Ride #18: Faster than the rain…

The perfect – average – “Today’s Ride” calculated out of every single “Today’s Ride”:

Distance: 22,88 km  /  14,22 mi

Duration: 1,83 h

Last but not least, I would like to share the overall performance chart of 2017 with you. This chart is going to be the reference for the rating of my next year’s performance on the bicycle:

This is how my 2017 looks like in numbers, charts and diagrams. If you’ve got any ideas or criticism to share, please let me know. I always appreciate any kind of feedback.

Have a good day….


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