New Year, New Start


dry, with a lot of ice cold wind, but later the sun showed up for a few seconds,
5°C / 41°F

Distance: 15,76 km /  9,79 mi

Time: 1h 21m  /  1,4 h

Average Speed: 11,3 kmh  /  6,9 mph

2018 Overall Distance: 15,76 km  /  9,79 mi

2018 Overall Time: 0d 1h 21m

All – Time Distance: 1479,96 km  /  919,57 mi

All – Time Time: 4d 22h 24m

Today’s Ride #48:

So far, counting my bike activities in 2018 wasn’t a big challenge: Zero.
That means: Zero bike activities, zero kilometres / miles, zero new blog posts, zero progress.
Let’s be honest, the blog was in deep need for something new. It was about time to get 2018 started and get ready for the new season.
I put my warmest clothing on, packed my bag, went out the front door, straight towards the garage.
Surprise, surprise, the first look at the bikes after two weeks of standing in the cold garage wasn’t devastating at all. Actually, the roadbike was ready to use…
I started riding. It was cold.
Anyway, I really wanted to get these first few miles in 2018. Almost 90 minutes and sixteen kilometres / ten miles in the freaking cold wind later, I arrived back at the garage. That was it.
The first attempt of riding in the new year was nothing special, but it was a start to the new season. And you need to start somewhere, right?

How did you start the new year?


I tried to shoot some onboard pics with the actioncam. I think I need to work on the pictures a little more, but once I figure out the right angle, the pictures will be a great addition to the post. What do you think about it?


  1. Laura Tulip Says says:

    The pictures are great, they look very professional! I admire your dedication to cycling, my new goal is to dedicate myself more to working out (although I don’t think I’ll be able to get any picturesque shots of me working out in my garage!).

    • thanks for the flowers, laura! It is great that you like the photos. These are actually the best one of round about five hundred I shot with the time lapse function. So, working my way through all of them was kind of a tough challenge!
      Working out is fun, trust me! If you want to get picturesque shots of yourself while working out , my advice is, to always take the pictures in front of some really cool things ( like weird coloured rings…). That is going to improve the pictures a lot, plus the viewer gets distracted from the actual
      main intention of the photo, plus you are guaranteed to get around a lot in your neighbourhood or city. It works for me, so it is going to work for everyone.
      Have a good day, Laura!

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