dry conditions, clear sky. It is cold, but feels like nothing compared to before, because there is no wind at all, 7°C / 45°F

Distance: 14,53 km / 9,03 mi

Time: 2h 14m  /  2,23 h

Average Speed: 6,5 kmh / 4,0 mph

2018 Overall Distance: 30,32 km / 18,82 mi

2018 Overall Time: 0d 3h 35m

All Time Distance:  1494,49 km /   928,60 mi

All Time Time: 5d 0h 38m

Today’s Ride #49:

A couple of days ago I was out to do the first nightride ever. I teamed up with a bike buddy of mine and we started our journey on point with the setting sun.

It is kind of hard to describe, what so special about riding in the dark. Maybe it is the lack of an all around vision on a lonely path. Maybe it feels so special, because there is almost no one else outside, doing their thing. Maybe it is not even special at all, it just feels alike, because I watched way too many horror movies…
Anyway, we did a little tour through the local forest and across the steepest hill in town and got some super kick – ass views of the city at night.



I would really like to show you more photos and impressions of that ride, unfortunately I forgot to take more than one picture…

But that’s just a good reason to do another nightride, isn’t it?


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