Bicycle Counter, Sheep Flock and me trying to get back in shape

Today’s Ride #50:

The moment, I made a wrong move and busted my favourite work pants was a key moment, a sign, a hint of my body and the universe: It was about time to get up and get back in shape. It was time for Today’s Ride #50….

The next day I simply ignored the ice cold condition outside, took on my warmest clothes, packed my bag and went straight out of the front door. I got to the garage, checked the tyre pressure of both wheels on the roadbike, grabbed the bike and finally started my first official training session in 2018. I was aiming for 25 + x km / 15 + x mi as a first step towards raising my average distance. While reaching for that distance I discovered a few new and weird things in my neighborhood:

Obviously my neighborhood is way more rural than I thought. I came across a huge flock of sheep. Now, I was aware of the fact, that there are a handful of fields and stuff around, but a great amount of sheep…that was new to me…

The weird blue stick in the picture above is a new item, placed right next to the bike lane, that connects the local university to the inner city districts. This huge USB dongle look-alike has to be some kind of bicycle counter, I think. It is not in use yet, but I’m going to check it out from time to time. Once it is working, I think it is going to be a cool gadget and I’m kind of curious, what all the displays are showing, when you are riding by….

Well, at the end of the training session, I achieved my goal and cycled a bit more than 25km / 15mi plus I saw some cool new things in the neighborhood. Today was a good training session…


Today’s Ride #50 in numbers:


ice cold, but dry and no wind, it was late afternoon / early evening and I was riding into the sunset, except of, there was no sun at all, 3°C / 37°F

Distance: 26,88 km  /  16,70 mi

Time: 1h 45m  /  1,75 h

Average Speed: 15,4 kmh / 9,5 mph

2018 Overall Distance: 57,2 km / 35,52 mi

2018 Overall Time: 0d 5h 20m

All Time Distance: 1521,37 km / 945,30 mi

All Time Time: 5d 2h 23m

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