Local History and Long Straights

Today’s Ride #51:

Today I intended to have a nice training session at the kidney . The local racetrack is always a  good place to test your strength and fitness. I got there, went for a couple of laps and then decided to leave. The track was quite crowded today… too crowded for my taste. Of course, it is awesome to see so many cyclists on so many different bicycles, but I prefer to be almost alone on the track, as it is usually the case on a normal weekday. When you’ve got the track all for yourself, it is way more fun to ride as fast as possible, because you don’t have to always watch out for other riders in front of – or behind you.

So, I took a short break to figure out, where today’s ride would take me to next. To my fortune, the place I called Industrial Training Grounds a couple of months ago, is just in reach of the racetrack. This is a really cool place, full of history and old buildings and maybe even more important for me today… a place with brand new roads and long straights. This is probably my second favourite location to visit on a roadbike, when I’m looking for a more athletic and less adventurous bike session.

I went for a couple of laps around the area and then sat down for a short break to catch my breath again. As I sat on some stairs right beneath some pine trees, I realized it has gotten quite cold. The sun was about to set and the wind has refreshed. It was time to head home…



Local History and Long Straights V


Today’s Ride #51 in numbers:


A nice and sunny early – year Saturday, low wind, no clouds and after a long time, a few hours of sunshine, 9°C / 48°F

Distance: 24,70 km  /  15,35 mi

Time: 2h 3m  / 2,1 h

Average Speed: 11,8 kmh  /  7,3 mph

2018 Overall Distance: 81,90 km  /  50,87 mi

2018 Overall Time: 0d 7h 23m

All Time Distance: 1546,07 km  / 960,65 mi

All Time Time: 5d 4h 26m


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