The Fluid

Today I’d like to give you a short description of the kick – ass Mountainbike I’m riding on since March 2017:

The Fluid…

…is a full suspension Mountainbike, with enough travel at both ends to always guarantee you a smooth ride. I even decided to adjust the rear suspension harder than it was delivered with, because the bike was a bit shaky when I was riding uphill.
The aluminum frame is painted in anthracite grey, which I think, looks really cool in combination with the like – neon red highlights here and there.

The Fluid VI

The design of the frame itself highlights the bike’s name pretty good. The top and the seat tube have this wave – like shape, which I think is a big plus in the design category.

The two tires were something totally new to me, when I bought this bike:
This means they are 27.5 inches large and almost fat-bike-like wide, which in this case means 2.8 inches.
Of course riding on streets and roads feels like a heavy pain with these wheels, because no matter how hard you pedal, you won’t gain a lot of speed. At least you don’t need a bell, the noise created by the wheels running on concrete sounds like a car driving on the sidewalk – everybody in reach is going to step aside…
Anyway, the tires are a big plus in offroad territory. The big width creates a lot of grip on any surface, no matter if you’re going uphill or downhill.

The gearing is an important factor when talking about uphill abilities. The Fluid has got a 10 – speed gearing, with all the gears you need for an easy and smooth uphill ride. No matter how steep the climb, I always find a gear that fits the challenge ahead. With 10 gears available and such a wide choice of small gears, there is, of course, no space for another wide choice of big gears. So better don’t expect too much speed on the long and straight roads to your local trail.

The Fluid V

My favourite gadget on this bike is definitely the seat dropper post. It is the first time I’m riding a dropper post and I would not have thought, that being able to adjust your seat height during the ride would be so useful and so much fun. All you have to do is hit the button at the bars and the seat is moving down when you’re sitting on it and up when you’re standing on the pedals.

After all, the whole bike is as fun and exciting as the dropper post is. The Fluid is a bike, made to ride on any offroad trail and that is where it performs the best.

the fluid III



  1. Becca says:

    Would be the perfect bike for our off-road trails 👍btw I nominated you for the Liebster Award ☺

  2. L Young says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait for nice weather so that I can ride again.

  3. […] tried to stay alive, riding bicycles whenever possible and in the process, I put the dust of The Fluid , which may or may not be THE bicycle for the not so glorious three, four or five months of the […]

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