Lately, only great news reach out to me. How cool is this? The Indy Diarist nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award ! Thanks a lot for the nomination, Indy Diarist ! It is always nice to see someone actually recognizes and appreciates this blog and the work that goes along with it !

If you have a spare minute or two left, you should absolutely check out The Indy Diarist’s Blog . She always has a nice poem, an awesome photo and / or a motivational quote for you every single day. Her blog should totally be on your WordPress Reader!



versatile blogger

As usual, there are a few rules to consider though:

  • Write 7 interesting facts about yourself
  • Nominate up to 15 amazing bloggers for the award


Okay then, here are seven more or less interesting facts about me:

  • Back in school, they used to call me T – Rex.
  • The first time I wanted to do something cool on a Mtb, I tried to dirt jump, was missing way too much speed, and went really hard over the bars. A big scar on my hip is the witness of that day. It’s a funny memory though….
  • I’m still kind of really bad at jumping on a bicycle…
  • I’m a left – hander. Is that an interesting fact ?
  • I like tea. Peppermint Tea is my favourite. Black Tea is good, too. I have even got a hourglass to always hit the perfect brewing time…
  • __________________________________________________________________
  • ^ feel free to ask a question. I’m running out of ideas, sorry… ^


The rules demand some nominees. Here are mine:


Thanks everyone and have a good day!


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