Performance Chart 01/18

Even if it feels like we are only a few days into the new year, the first month of 2018 is already over.

To be honest, January is not really one of my favourite months:

It is always cold and grey, you can’t go outside, unless you want to look like a fully packed wardrobe, the sun is like a rumour you once heard of and everyone around you is always mad and ill.

Anyway … this year again, January was a tough month, but still pretty okay though:

Somehow I managed four times to get on my bike and get some miles on the ice – cold roads of my neighborhood. I spent the majority of the bike – time on the roadbike, because there was a tough storm hitting the state a couple of weeks ago. Trees kept falling and cracking like matches, rooftoops were destroyed all around town. It was the worst storm for this area for a decade.
As one of many consequences, the city forbid entering the local forests for the time being.
Since then, it was just not possible to go out and ride mountainbike in the woods.
I’m kind of curious, how long it is going to take the city to open up the local forests again…

For situations like this, I’m kind of grateful for having the roadbike.
The three times, I hit the road with it helped a lot to get me back in shape for the season ahead. The average of round about 25 km / 15 mi is okay for this time of year, I think.

I want to increase it though, but not in this ice coldness…

I think that should do as a short summary of the last month.

For everyone, who does not like reading, here are some pictures:

Performance chart januar graphicsPerformance chart Januar charts

Have a good day!


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