Two Afternoons at the Kidney

Today’s Ride #52:

The “Kidney” race track has finally become the centre of my preparations for this year’s season, which – and I can not stress that enough – I really hope, will start soon with temperatures way above the freezing point and days full of sunshine (*fingers crossed*).
This week I spent two afternoons at the race track.

On Thursday afternoon the sun was shining as if spring already begun and made you almost forget about the freezing cold temperatures outside. I went outside, grabbed my bike and started heading towards the track. It is round about 10km / 6mi until I reach the “kidney”, so usually I’m always kind of warmed up when I get there. However, this day I really should have worn another sweater. The ice coldness in combination with the wind was freaking me out. But turning back was not an option. I finally arrived at the track, there were no riders in sight. Just a runner and his dog: “I can’t believe my eyes. Who would have thought there are still cyclists at this track?” Obviously, there were no riders on the track.
“You know, someone has to hold the flag up high for the cyclists” I replied, we both laughed, I pedaled my way.
After a little break at the starting line and I decided to go for a few laps, but today, the wind and the coldness took home the win. Damn the nicely shining sun, that made me underestimate the temperatures. I had to head home. It was a good day on the bike though…

On saturday afternoon I was able to get on my bike again. There were no colours outside. Everything was grey. And wet, because it rained a lot.

Shortly after lunch the rain seemed to go away, so I wasted no time and hurried outside to get on the bike.
The rain was not gone. It catched me shortly after I started riding. But today I was well prepared. I mean, conditions were ugly as hell, but at least the coldness had no chance against the thick layers of clothing I was wearing. This day I rode 10km / 6mi to the track, 10km / 6mi at the track and 10km / 6mi back home. It has been the longest distance in 2018 so far, at the same time, it was also the most intense one so far:
On the way back I notíced, that I was about to run out of energy. For situations like this, I always carry at least two chocolate energy bars in my bag. These little bars work like magic and can be real life savers.
After a few minutes I felt a lot stronger and continued to head back home.

Despite that moment, I start to feel really strong and fit overall. Just like a rocket!
All this training seems to finally pay out.
Unfortunately, the roadbike seems to pay the price for that. On the way back, I lost the chain, while riding across the biggest intersection on the way. Two lanes from every direction and a train line right in the middle of it. Luckily the rear wheel was not blocked and I was able to stop on the walkway to put the chain back on, otherwise this could have easily been a disaster.
So, I think I should probably work on the bike a little bit, before the next ride…

Today’s ride in numbers:



clear blue sky, the sun was shining, ice cold, no wind, 2°C / 36°F

Distance: 23,99 km / 14,91mi

Time: 1h 37m / 1,6h

Average Speed: 14,9 kmh / 9,3 mph



grey in grey everywhere, windy, rain, 4°C / 39°F

Distance: 30,37 km / 18,87 mi

Time: 2h 05m / 2,1h

Average Speed: 14,5 kmh / 8,9 mph

2018 Overall Distance: 136,26 km / 84,65 mi

2018 Overall Time: 0d 11h 5m

All – Time Distance: 1600,43 km / 994,43 mi

All – Time Time: 5d 8h 8m

two afternoons at the kidney VIII



  1. nickc324 says:

    That’s all very interesting and I had not even thought about carrying the chocolate energy bars, but that makes sense with all of the biking you are doing. Great photos,too.

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