A visit to the Bike Fair Essen 2018

Each year, somewhere between february and march, there’s a big bike fair in one of the biggest cities in the area – The Bike Fair Essen.
This year I marked the date with a big, fat, red marker in my calender, to make sure I’m able to visit it for the first time.

I went to the fair on saturday, because it was my only option to visit it. Just like I expected, a lot of people just had the same option. The way to the fair, with the car, right across the whole city, was a real disaster. A way of approximate half an hour, took me almost ninety minutes. Next time, I’m probably
choosing the train…
Anyway, once I managed to get inside the halls, I was kind of happy to finally be there.

The Bike Fair is always combined with a camping and caravan fair. The camping fair seems to be way more popular than the bike fair. More than half of the ten halls, were filled with vans, busses, tents and everything you could possible need on a camping road trip. Also, these halls were filled to the top with humans. But I guess, that’s just normal at a fair, right?
Although I had no intention to visit the camping fair, I found myself walking around every single hall, taking a look at everything there was. It was kind of interesting…

It took quite a long time to cross the camping fair, but the three halls that were inhabited by the bike fair, were the place, I spent even more time at.
To be honest, there were so much things to see, I don’t know what to start with:
Of course, there were a lot of bicycles…tons of bicycles. E – Bikes mostly, but also a few non powered Mtb’s, Fixed Bikes,Cargo Bikes, Bikes you need to almost lay in, Bikes combined with a stepper fitness thing, that looked really weird… I even bought a coffee at a coffee shop, that was placed on the back of a bicycle. The coffee was good.
The cool thing was, whatever bicycle you liked the most, there were test areas in every single hall. These test areas were really crowded. I didn’t take a shot at trying out bicycles, just because it was so much fun, watching other people almost crashing into one antoher.
Once people tried out and tested their potentially new bicycle, they were able to owe exactly this bike for a more or less good special bike fair price. This seemed to be a big thing at the fair and I watched a lot of people taking that opportunity.

Instead of buying a bicycle, I concentrated more on buying new bicycle gear. There were dozens of shops selling whatever one could possibly be looking for, except of waterproof socks…anyway, I found a really cool jersey.

All in all, this year’s Bike Fair Essen was a cool thing to see. It is always good to expand your personal horizon and get to know new things, things like the camping and van things, but also all of these weird bikes. Personally, I would have wished for more road racing bikes and mountainbike race bikes, because that’s the topic I’m kind of into right now. It would also be really nice, if they would add more trend and innovation to next year’s bike fair and concentrate less on selling last year’s bicycles. Well, I guess I’m going to find out next year 😉



  1. i can’t use it.. but maybe one day lol I’ve heard one woman learned to use bike at 50 yo :))

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