Chasing birds at the local mtb hill

Today’s Ride#53:

On Saturday, I decided to start off into my personal mountainbike season by visiting my number one favourite mtb hill in town for the first time in 2018.

The weather was good, two digit temperatures, sunshine from time to time, almost no rain and no wind. I packed my bag and got ready for departure and I realized for the first time this year, I would not feel like a member of an expedition to the northpole: One pants, one yersey and a light jacket were all I needed that day, awesome!

I got to the garage, opened the gate, hopped on the Fluid and started the journey to the local mtb hill. Riding mountainbike at that hill is always a lot of fun and it never gets boring, as there is always something cool to see. Like this time: I cycled all the way up, reached the top, totally out of breath and the first things I see are two persons doing a photoshooting and two other people doing some parachute warm-up exhibitions, while a remote controlled model flyer crossed the scenery. Sometimes it feels like visiting a parallel universe…

Anyway, when I stopped for a short break to re-hydrate and take some pics, I suddenly discovered a huge bird flying across the whole sky. I tried to quickly capture him on my smartphone cam, but that was way harder than I thought. Somehow I managed to get some cool shots though…Funny story: When I got back home and checked out the pictures I shot on my action camera, I was pretty surprised to discover, I shot thirty or fourty pictures of the bird flying around the sky, while I was on the way to get ready for another cool shot I had in mind, awesome! Maybe I’m going to make a short time lapse sequence of the footage and put it on twitter…

Time went by pretty fast that day and when I got back to the garage, I did almost thirty kilometres / nineteen miles, which, for me, is kind of a long distance for a mountainbike ride. It seems like I’m progressing, hahaha….



today's Ride#53 IV



From now on, I’m trying to concentrate more on the stories and the photography in the “Today’s Ride” posts. That’s why I left the stats out for this one. All the stats of my riding are going to be in the monthly “Performance chart” posts. I think that is a good idea, even though I don’t consider myself a good writer or photograph yet, but if I put more work in this, I will probably get better at writing and taking pictures. At least, that is what I’m hoping for…

What do you think about it? Feel free to tell me in the comments below… thanks and have a good day!



  1. Laura Tulip Says says:

    Hi Dennis. I very much like your idea! I think the focus on the stories and photos would make your posts more relatable to a broader audience and at least anyone who’s particularly interested in cycling can still view the stats. I really enjoyed reading about the additional encounters you stumbled upon on your ride out. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, Laura! I’m always looking for ways to improve the blog. It’s always exciting to see if the changes work or not. So far, I’m kind of happy with the results 😉
      Thanks again for your time and have a good day!

  2. Hey Dennis, I am first-time visitor and I cycle too! I cycle from time to time and mostly for light exercise. About your blog post, you could try to structure it a little more, but your content is definitely interesting.

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