My Disastrous Month of March

Okay, let’s make this short:

The month of march was full of lowlights. Still know what I said last month? I feel like a rocket and stuff? Well, the rocket ran out of fuel and crashed down hard back into the ground.

today's Ride#53 VII

I pretty much failed to achieve every goal I set up in last month’s recap.
Looking back at the last four weeks / thirtyone days, it is pretty obvious, that I got fooled by the weather a lot. Everyone knows I’m fed up with riding bicycles in the rain and I think, the weather used that knowledge to let the sunshine and the nice and warm weather out, while I was working and then flushed my days off down the drain with pouring rain and everything else it was able to find in the box with tools and ingredients to create disastrous weather. Well played…

today's Ride#53 VIII

On top of it all, I managed to injure my hand in the most stupid way possible, which caused a full week without riding and a full week of going to work with one hand heavily wrapped up in bandages, kept secretly hidden under my sweater.

Hopefully, that all belongs to the past now. The last days have proven, the weather and I are best friends again and my hand has healed up pretty well, allowing me to hold on to the bars with both of my hands.

The Rocket is fueled up and ready for take off…

Anyway, for everyone who is interested and curious, here are my riding stats of march:

Performance March 2018_numbers

Performance March 2018_graphic

Distance: 71,66 km / 44,52 mi

Time: 5h 28m / 5,4 h

Average Speed: 13,3 kmh / 8,2 mph

2018 Distance: 292,03 km / 181,43 mi

2018 Time: 0d 21h 18m

All Time Distance: 1756,20 km / 1091,21 mi

All Time Time: 5d 18h 21m


Happy Easter and enjoy your weekend !


cam face


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