April got things started

Today is the May the first, which means it is time for the next -month resume.

Two thousand and eighteen’s April surprised with a decent amount of “feels-like-summer-days”, which almost made it impossible for me, to not be riding bicycles in every single spare second. Warm temperatures and a lot of sunshine, caused the local vegetation to explode, which gave me the perfect opportunity to shoot a lot of great pictures, as you can see in the blogpost “Everything’s in Bloom” .

Furthermore, I tried out something I haven’t done before: I started commuting to work by bicycle. It was something totally new and exciting to me and until right now, totally worth the try. I’m planning to do a couple of blogposts about it, so I’m not going to dive into detail too deep right here.

Last night, at twelve o’clock, a very exciting and great month came to an end. I hope I’m going to be able to continue the things I started and maybe even improve the numbers I reached in april. The month of may is sharing a lot of public holidays, so theoretically I’ll have a lot of opportunities to spend time riding bicycles.

As usual, I’m going to share the stats of April below, so everyone who is interested in numbers can check them out right here:


Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. I’m always excited about getting messages…

Have a good day and a fresh start into may!

Everything's in Bloom III

– Dennis








  1. Graci says:

    Gosh that’s a lovely field.

    • Absolutely! Their smell is a bit weird, but they really look fantastic on pictures. Thanks for visiting, Graci!

      • Graci says:

        That’s actually a good spot for photo shoot… You are welcome Dennis.. keep on blogging.. I’ll be reading and so as your other followers. 🙂

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