One year blogging on wordpress !

Today marks the one year anniversary of me blogging on wordpress. To be honest, 365 days actually went by pretty fast, which in my eyes is a good sign, because only the good and fun things keep rushing by before your eyes like a thunder strike .


one year blogging


I just had a look at my first ever blogpost on wordpress. Trust me, I almost started laughing because I couldn’t believe I did actually publish it. But it’s good to see the progress I made with editing a blogpost. If you’re interested in reading the first blogpost, here’s the link:

Today’s Ride #1: Back on the BMX

Btw, did you know I started blogging over on ? The website still exists , I recently checked it out after a long time.

blogger page

my homepage over on That’s where everything started…

However, there is still a lot to learn. As some of you may have recognized, I upgraded the blog a few days ago and am now running my own domain. It is cool to see the opportunities that come along with that decision.
There is still a lot of work ahead of me, as I got some ideas for the blog, that I definitely want to bring to life.

Any tips, advices and feedback on the blog is always appreciated and welcome, so please make sure to drop your thoughts in the comments below or via E – Mail . I’m always excited to get some new messages.

Last but definitely not least, I wanted to catch this opportunity and say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who is following my blog, reading my blogposts and looking at  my pictures. It is great to see that the things I blog about get appreciated by people all over the world and after all, that is what is making this blog thing fun and exciting

Thanks and have a good day !

Everything's in Bloom III




  1. Congrats on your domain name! And didn’t you do well consistently posting during your first year! I sadly gave up after 3 months and took a 14 month break. I have been posting consistently for 8 months now. 🙂
    Looking forward to reading more from you.

    • Thanks, Ruby! I’m always trying to upload at least one blogpost per week. That is not always as easy as it may sound and I haven’t reached that goal every week. But, I’m quite happy with how the blog developed so far!

  2. phoenixraay says:

    Happy anniversary! I love the layout of your blog and how it showcases pictures with the posts. I have a similar layout for my blog!

  3. willaxtec says:

    Hola muy bien amigo. suerte

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