Sculpin’s Rupture

A couple of days ago, I spent some time searching through google maps on the hunt for new destinations I could explore on my bike. After a surprisingly short period of time, I discovered something that matched exactly what I have been looking for:

A landmark called Sculpin’s Rupture

After collecting some background information on that destination, my expectations did not quite break the roof.
Some sources said it was closed to the public, others said the owners would still be working on the landmark’s fortification…
However, I still found a lot of pictures of that place online…too many for a place that was said to be closed down to the public…

It was about time to find out

Some days, hours and minutes later, I started my journey into the unknown. It was a hot, cloudless, sunny Sunday. Just for once, weather and timing were on my side.


Round about twenty kilometres / twelve miles later, I crossed the worst parking lot in the history of mankind to enter a lonely trail.

I had no idea where this trail was leading to, but I already saw the wind turbine, I knew from my background researches. It was towering over the whole scenery.

I entered the trail and what looked like the highway into nowhereland, turned out to lead straight to one of the main gates of the landmark.

The gate was locked.

Already about to turn around and back home, I decided to take a closer look at the gate and discovered a path around the gate. It was a tiny, narrow and absolutely hidden footpath, not much more than a hint of a trail, but somehow I managed to navigate me and the bike through.

After I  crossed the gate, I got to a long straight, that was thickly overgrown with trees and bushes on both sides and ended right in front of… a wall.

I found myself standing right at the foot of Sculpin’s Rupture.

Looking upwards, I was able to see the gigantic wind turbine right above me. The giant size of it made me feel, as if I already reached it yet.
However, it was kind of difficult for me to figure out how to climb up that landmark.
The direct path up the wall was way too steep and not an option.
But there had to be another way, as I really wanted to get to the top and take a look at the view and, of course, get a picture of me standing right beneath the super big wind turbine.

The solution and answer to my question turned out to be another tiny path, that was hiding under a small but rather thick forest.
It was steep, narrow and the ground was loose.
Climbing upwards, kind of felt like that was the moment I’ve been training for during the last few months.

After a long and tough fight, I reached the top and could not have been happier. The view was awesome. On a day like this, blue sky and sunshine, I was able to take a look over the whole landscape for miles and miles.

The best thing at the top was, to finally be standing right beneath the great wind turbine.
If you haven’t been there, it maybe is hard to understand, but this thing was such a cool, gigantic machine. Every spin of the rotating blades created a noise, as if I was listening to a slow motion record of a helicopter.

On this day, I took at least three pictures of every shot and angle. Then it was about time to leave Sculpin’s Rupture and head back home…



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