This past month, I managed to do four big rides on the weekends or my days off of work and successfully raised the average distance per ride to more than 30 km / 18 mi. It feels good to look at numbers like this.
It is a good way to show and prove to myself and everyone else, that I’m progressing in terms of cycling and fitness.
Of course, this is not the end of the line.
I’m following a lot of cycling blogs and the numbers that these humans are laying down are looking more than incredible to a person like me.


performance chart may 2018 graphics


Someday, I want to be the one who is impressing other people.


performance chart May numbers


A little side note:

I successfully commuted to work on my roadbike for the whole last month.
With one exception:
One day, there was a huge storm hitting my area, with such heavy rain, that the streets were flooded and I was soaking wet, after just getting to the garage.
On that day, it made no sense ( and propably was too dangerous too) to take the bike to work.
Instead, I decided to walk to work and back home.
A decision, that has not been too smart either.
When I arrived at work, I looked like I just took a bath with my clothes on.
Of course, everyone made a few jokes about the guy who walked to work in the worst weather conditions in years.

But nevermind, it was my own fault and to be honest, I had to laugh about myself a few times too…



may 2018



What else?

At the end of may, I celebrated my 29th birthday by purchasing some cool and awesome birthday presents for myself.
I’m kind of excited to share one or two of them right here on the blog…

Also, the next two weeks will hopefully be pretty awesome, as I’m on vacation from work.
There is a lot of free space and I plan, to fill that vacuum with a lot of riding and a couple of new blogposts.

There are a lot of cool ideas that keep on buzzing around in my head.
If I’m lucky, I’m going to be able to be realizing a few of them.
That’s kind of my goal for the next two weeks…

As always, feel free to share your thoughts, feedback or little notes.
I’m happy about every single message I receive!

If you want to connect on other platforms, I’m also on Twitter and Instagram . Feel free to follow me there, too!

Hope you all have a good day!


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