The Fuji Roubaix roadbike

The Roubaix

The moment we all have been waiting for has finally arrived. What? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Didn’t  recently checked out my social  media ? Well, maybe you should!

. . .

Anyway, of course I’m talking about the newest resident of my bicycle garage and my brand new roadbike:

The Fuji Roubaix



So, what do you think? Isn’t it a nice and decent roadbike? I think it is and I’m going to show you why:

1. The Painting

Dark grey frame and fork, neon yellow highlights.
Not too dark and all black, but not too much of a rainbow either.
The colors of the roubaix were the first thing that caught my attention and later on the detail, that made me choose this bicycle. 

The look is important, don’t judge me for that!



2. The Name

Paris – Roubaix.
The most classical roadbike race of all classics.
Even if you don’t like or watch cycling on tv, I’m sure you heard of the race before
This year, I’ve been able to watch the whole broadcast of the race and I’m still impressed by the intensity of the race.
Everytime I think back to it, it still shakes me up.
The name of this bicycle is making sure, that, whenever I need that little bit of extra motivation to get out and ride my bicycle, I get it.

3. The Speed

Personally, twentytwo gears are the most amount of gears I’ve been riding on a bicycle in a long long time.
Also, having two derailleurs feels rather luxurious.
First off, changing gears on a roadbike has been really tricky.
Honestly, it took me the whole way back home from the bike shop to finally figure out, how to switch gears up at the front and down at the rear.
And yes, it took a while until using the brake lever for changing gears didn’t feel weird anymore…
However, shifting gears works perfect so far and I’m still amazed by the pure speed this bicycle is able to create.
Uphill, downhill or horizontal, this bike is always taking me forward!



There are road bikes out there, that are a lot lighter than the Roubaix. Bicycles that are way more aerodynamic than the Roubaix. Bikes that are way, waaay, waaaaay more expensive than the Roubaix.

But why would I need one of those bicycles right now?
I’m an amateur road bike „racer“, that has just figured out how to change gears on roadbike.
The Roubaix looks nice, is great to handle and riding it, I feel fast as a thunder. That is all that counts…



Have a good day! 




  1. Nice looking bike Dennis. Enjoy it.
    Darren (PedalTalk @CycleNetworking)

  2. Nice post! I have a Fuji Silhouette, 27 gears, changed front middle ring and rear see to be mountain bike gearing to help me on hills. It’s old and has 10,000 miles on it now in about 2 years. Need the internet to buy me a new one!

    • Thanks and wow! 10,000 miles in 2 years sounds like a great achievement to me. I’m far away from reaching such a distance per year…

      • It was work for sure, especially since I’m not a skinny young racer.but worth the experience and now writing a book about it. Miles are one way to have a goal,elevation,sleep are others. But enjoyment is another and very valid. Trying to do more of that. Some day I look forward to not caring about Strava! Did you say where you are?

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